Course syllabus

An open-access, cross-university curriculum for graduate-level students and education professionals interested in education policy, planning, and reform to deliver learning for all.

Course Syllabus:

Education Systems Course Syllabus.pdf  (standard syllabus; your institution may have its own adapted version below)

LUMS Course Outline_Learning Crisis and Ed Systems.doc (for LUMS students)

Course Lecturers:

  • Yamini Aiyar, Centre for Policy Research
  • Kwame Akyeampong, University of Sussex
  • David Archer, ActionAid International
  • Julius Atuhurra, RISE Programme, University of Oxford
  • Maria Ron Balsera, ActionAid International
  • Rukmini Banerji, Pratham Education Foundation
  • Barbara Bruns, Center for Global Development
  • Newman Burdett, Consultant
  • Jishnu Das, Georgetown University
  • Dan Honig, University College London
  • Naomi Hossain, American University
  • Michelle Kaffenberger, RISE Programme, University of Oxford
  • Brian Levy, Johns Hopkins University and University of Cape Town
  • Keith Lewin, University of Sussex
  • Karen Mundy, University of Toronto
  • Ken Opalo, Georgetown University
  • Lant Pritchett, RISE Programme, University of Oxford
  • Shintia Revina, SMERU Research Institute
  • Abhijeet Singh, Stockholm School of Economics